Vaccine Passports Come to Oregon

Dr. Naomi Wolf reports from Oregon, which is falling to vaccine passport fascism. 

“We’re at war, and I mean that peacefully,” she said. “This is a battle, foreign entities and local traitors are subverting this country and using biodata and a hyped pandemic to do it.”

What’s happening in Oregon is “the most terrifying thing I have ever seen,” Wolf said, as a “two-tiered society” is already forming between the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated.

“They’ve announced that, ‘Yes, you’re going to have to show your papers’ to get access, in order to take off your mask,” she said.

“We know from history where that goes,” Wolf warned. “That’s exactly how the national socialists divided their population into ‘clean’ and ‘unclean.’”

“This is full on facism in the state of Oregon and I’m witnessing it live,” she said.

Support the Five Freedoms to fight vaccine passports

PA GOP Candidate Jeff Bartos Joins War Room

Jeff Bartos, businessman and Republican candidate for senate, says the left is “anti-Semitic” and “at war with who we are and who our allies are.”

“I’m sitting here in Pittsburgh where a Democrat socialist, a European-style socialist mayor, just lost to a Marxist,” he said. “That is the energy in the Democrat Party right now. From the far left, from the fringes.”


From 1776 to 1863 to 2022

Jeff Bartos explains why he’s running for U.S. senate in Pennsylvania. He says the state can once again be a beacon of liberty and the place where America is saved.

“Whoever the Democrat [candidate] is, they’re going to have to answer for a year of lockdowns, destroyed businesses, school children unable to learn, parents unable to live their lives, dreams crushed, unable to go to church, unable to go to synagogue,” Bartos said.

“Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American liberty,” he said. “We will talk about 1776, 1863, and 2022 as the restoration not only of Pennsylvania liberty and freedom, but American freedom.”

Plus, Liz Preate Havey, the chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, reveals how GOP turnout was its highest in decades in the liberal county.

“People are pissed,” she said. “They’re energized.”


The Guts to Say the Election Was Stolen

Josh Mandel, treasure, state representative of Ohio’s 17th district and combat Marine, reacts to Joe Scarborough’s meltdown over the Arizona forensic audit. Scarborough said veterans who support election integrity should leave the country.

“I think Joe is a piece of trash,” he said. “Joe Scarborough is a little man with a complex. And it’s insulting to people like me who’ve actually raised a right hand, actually carried a weapon in a foreign land…and if anyone should be leaving this country it’s him.”

Plus, Mandel explains why the real battle is not against the left, but within the GOP.

“I am the only candidate in Ohio who gets up and has the guts to say this election was stolen from Donald J. Trump,” he said. 


VIDEO – Scarborough Screams at Trump Fans: If You Don’t Agree Election Was Fair, ‘Just Leave the Country’ 


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