Scarborough’s Scream is the Sound of Victory

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Joe Scarborough’s Friday meltdown is the sound of winning.

The “complete and total meltdown” on Morning Joe about the Maricopa County audit that is actually looking at the ballots and machines means the ruling class knows they’re in trouble. 

“They’re losing it,” Bannon said. “We are breaking them. And we are breaking them because patriots are not flinching.”

“You have all the power and you are using that power,” he said. “If you want to know what victory sounds like, that’s what victory sounds like.”

VIDEO – Scarborough Screams at Trump Fans: If You Don’t Agree Election Was Fair, ‘Just Leave the Country’

Mr. White Privilege Grifter Himself’

Mark Finchem goes off on Joe Scarborough, “Mr. White Privilege Grifter Himself.”

“I was outraged and am still outraged,” said Fincem, who twice almost died in the line of duty, said Scarborough insulted all vets by telling those who support election integrity to leave the country.

Plus, Finchem gives an update on the audit, and explains what the uniparty really fears.

“They are scared to death of the actual physical ballot count,” he said. “We now have a clue into what it is that most terrifies them. And that is the physical ballot count number. 

“When it’s ultimately done compared to what Dominion put on their machines,” Finchem said.

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The Tyranny of the Minority 

Ben Bergquam and Amanda Head report live from Liberty University, the latest stop of Real America’s Voice Save America Freedom tour.

Head explains we are in a battle against the “tyranny of the minority,” and should draw inspiration from General George Washington at Dorchester Heights.

“We have to be strategic about the moves that we make,” she said. “The Air Force Academy in Colorado now they’ve got this transgender working group. You have these tiny groups that are out there directing policy in some of our most important institutions.

“You have to get out of the local level, they’re not the sexy positions, they’re not the sexy elections, but that’s where you start and that’s what George Washington did.” 

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‘I Know What’s Coming’

Dr. Naomi Wolf, author and CEO of, returns for an update on the authoritarian vaccine passport push.

The vaccine is being used “to set up a biofascist state” where “your vaccine status is the excuse for the state to monitor everything you’re doing and let you in or out of society.”

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Vaccine Social Credit Score

Dr. Naomi Wolf explains why the covid vaccines are unlike any other traditional vaccine.

“I’m not anti-vax,” she said. “I’m being attacked as an anti-vaxxer…for just doing common sense reporting.

“This quote-unquote vaccine is different from traditional vaccines,” Wolf said. “This really reengineers your cells, which is already completely beyond.”

Plus, it is not FDA approved and the clinical trials will not be completed until 2023.


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