Author J.D. Vance said he supports a Jan. 6 commission — as long as it includes smart conservatives interested in the truth.

Vance told War Room conservatives need guarantees “we’d have the right people on our side.”

“If you get five establishment Republicans it would be a disaster,” he said.

“If you can get [Bannon], Darren Beattie, Julie Kelly on that commission it could actually be the best thing for the conservative movement,” Vance explained. “To push back on the Big Lie that there are these marauding hoards of Trump voters” starting insurrections.

The commission would be a good thing to “have this debate out in the open on equal footing,” Vance said.

Vance also said there are easy ways to fix our election system: voter ID and making Election Day a single day and a national holiday.

In addition, Vance said he will make his decision to run for U.S. senate in Ohio in the next few months.


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