Wicked Witch of the South 

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones joins War Room in studio after calling for an immediate forensic audit. 

Jones said the public and the state legislature were kept in the dark about the consent agreement with Stacey Abrams. “We didn’t find out about it until November,” he said.

“She’s nothing more than the wicked witch of the south,” Jones said of Abrams. “I’m not afraid of her, or the left. I’ll call them out.”  

Vernon Jones says integrity of our election is non-negotiable, calls for immediate forensic audit in Georgia 

The Future of the GOP

Vernon Jones explains why Brian Kemp would be used by the left just to “cut his head off and hand it to Stacey Abrams.”

Jones say he is the future of the Republican Party, explains why President Trump’s MAGA policies help Black Americans, and why the “real white supremacy” and voter suppression is in the Democrat Party.

So Goes Georgia…

Vernon Jones tells his inspiring story of growing up on a farm in North Carolina with no indoor plumbing to how he came to run for governor — and why he’s the man for the job.

“Stacey Abrams will not show up to go against Vernon Jones,” he said. “Because Stacey, you know I know you. She can’t play that race card. I can expose Stacey.”


Live from Washington’s Headquarters

Patrick O’Donnell joins live 100 feet from General George Washington’s headquarters where a wreath was laid today to commemorate 50 Frenchmen who died in defense of America’s freedom. 

Get the book: The Indispensables: The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country, Formed the Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware

Confirmed: Maricopa County Voting Database Was Deleted 

Mark Finchem sets the record straight on the Maricopa election audit, confirming the voting database was deleted.

“This is why everybody calls CNN, MSDNC, and AP fake news purveyors,” he said.

Finchem says the data expert Ben Cotton, who has 25 years of testifying professionally on data management, testified that the “database directory was deleted,” but he was able to recover the deleted database during the audit.

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