All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier explains the title of his book and the tactics of Black Lives Matter to destroy America as founded. Lohmeier said the views he expresses are his own, and not of the U.S. military.

Col. Lohmeier traces the history of the Marxist movement in the U.S. and exposes how it came to the military.

“What I hoped to do to stop it was to tee up a conversation unfortunately we were not having,” he said. 

Lohmeier said a “climate of fear” has overtaken the military, and he was “relieved from command without anyone in the chain of command reading my book.”

His book exposes how patriotism is now portrayed as “evil” in the military.

“In a free society if you want people to have a desire to serve…you don’t start teaching them that the country they live in is not worth defending,” Lohmeier said. “You don’t teach them that the Constitution they take an oath to defend is not worth defending, and you don’t teach them that patriotism is evil or bad.” 

Get the book: Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military

Check the Blue States, Too

Boris Epshteyn gives an update on the Maricopa County audit, where auditors were able to recover the results file from the voting machines, which had appeared to be deleted.

Epshteyn says election audits should not be limited to swing states. 

“The efforts by Perkins Coie and their evil genius Marc Elias, they are widespread,” he said. “They are not just the states in the middle. New York has to be looked at. California needs to be looked at.”

“It’s not going to stop just with the battleground states,” said Stephen K. Bannon. 

“Look at the congressional races, the senate races,” Epshteyn added. “Just because a state went blue it doesn’t mean they’re not cheating. It actually makes it more likely.” 

GREAT work, ⁦Vernon Jones!

There’s Power in Numbers 

Beth Ann Hnat, a mom in Scottsdale, Arizona, joins War Room after she and a group of concerned parents stopped a school board meeting to oppose mask mandates.

“We need to really start getting loud and telling these school boards that they do not have the power over us as parents,” she said. “And they certainly don’t have power over our children.”

The board shut the meeting down after the parents refused to wear masks in Arizona, where there is no mask mandate.

The parents are putting the board on notice that if they decide to mandate masks on kids next year, their kids won’t be going to school in the district.

“There’s power in numbers,” Hnat said. 

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Moms Stand Up Against School Board Over Masks in Scottsdale, AZ


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