Barking Up the Wrong Fed Tree

Peter Navarro says Larry Summers is the “dumbest smart guy I ever met,” and explains whey he’s “barking up the wrong Fed tree.”

“If you’re going to solve this problem the last place you go is the Fed,” Navarro said. “The first place you start is spending.” 

“Our cities are broken and they will remain broken,” Navarro said. “Manufacturing jobs, that’s the only way we’ve got to make more stuff here.” 

Former governor and Missouri senate candidate Eric Greitens gives a history lesson on why devaluing currency never works. “This is a disastrous path Biden has us on.”

Larry Summers accuses Federal Reserve of ‘dangerous complacency’ 


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Eric Greitens on Election Integrity

Eric Greitens says he supports Vernon Jones’s call for an immediate forensic audit in Georgia. “And in Arizona, and Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.” 

“It all has to be done.”

Greitens says “math and evidence” show something went wrong on Nov. 3, while Peter Navarro says the “McCain wing” of the GOP wants to “deny Donald Trump an election for the pettiest of reasons.” 

Greitens said it is the number one campaign issue he hears, “should I vote?”

“The left wants patriots to decide it’s not worth it to participate,” Greitens said.

Vernon Jones says integrity of our election is non-negotiable, calls for immediate forensic audit in Georgia

The Break Windows Theory

Greitens and Navarro discuss the growing lawlessness in Biden’s cities. 

“Police are more at risk of prosecution than the criminals,” said Navarro. “People in law enforcement are at greater risk.” 

Navarro said in de Blasio’s New York criminals know they can do whatever they want. It’s a reverse Broken Window theory — the break windows theory when crime is allowed. 

Plus, War Room discusses why peace through strength worked with President Trump in the White House, and since it was abandoned, conflict has not stopped growing in the Middle East.

Fighting Back

Jessi Melton, a mom in Palm Beach, joins War Room ahead of a school board meeting Wednesday evening where parents are protesting the inhumane mask mandate on their kids.

Even though Gov. DeSantis blocked all covid restrictions, the school district made masks “permanent,” and it’s causing kids to get headaches and throw up in their masks.

“It’s inhumane, it’s criminal,” Melton said. “I can’t even believe we’re having this discussion right now, I can’t even believe these people aren’t locked up.”

Melton said she always was opposed to masks and realized there was another agenda afoot. But when it came for kids, she got politically active.

“I said this doesn’t feel right, this is wrong,” she said. “This is a form of visual submission to something that is much more dangerous and has a totally different agenda for our county…that transcends far beyond masks into critical race theory, vaccinations, and submission to this communist agenda. 

“Right out the gate I knew it wasn’t right,” Melton said. “Mail-in ballots were their first agenda.”

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