Maddow’s Melt Down

Stephen K. Bannon deciphers last night’s Rachel Maddow show and why the uniparty is melting down over the Maricopa County election audit.

“Joe Biden did not win this election,” he said. “We’re going to prove this with data, and evidence, and science-based facts.”

Mike Lindell returns and says the audit will prove what he already knows: Trump won Maricopa County by 80,000 votes.

It’s Too Late, Dominion

Mike Lindell announces he hired auditors across the country that have uncovered fraud in lesser known states.

“This will win in any court in the world,” he said. “We are going to put so much pressure on the Supreme Court.”

“We’re going around these states we’re doing private audits where we have permission,” Lindell said. “It’s too late, Dominion, the word is out.”

The Fresno State of Voter Fraud

Bannon explains why free men and free women are going to turn the tide over election fraud. Bannon calls Lindell the “Fresno State of voter fraud,” because he’ll play “anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

Mike Lindell challenges Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper to debates on voter fraud, and says his evidence perfectly matches what will the audit will find in Arizona.


Drop the Q

Raheem Kassam explains why CNN is using Q Anon as a diversion, and really desperately wants the Maricopa County election audit to end.

“Everytime they’re telling you something they’re actually telling you something about themselves,” he said. “CNN is desperate for this to stop.

“If it was so false if it was so phony, if it was so easily disproven, then let it happen,” Kassam said. “Let us fall on our faces. But no.”

Maricopa’s Board of Supervisors Is Doing Everything They Can to Stop the Election Audit – They’re Attacking the Senate and Audit Team, Begging Them to End the Audit While Engaging with Top Democrat Lawyers


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