Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem said Maricopa County election Board of Supervisors are still hiding evidence, and treating the public like “subjects” rather than citizens.

“We’ve now had six months for the fullness of time to develop things,” he told War Room, Tuesday. “This is democracy at work. Whether our leaders like it or not.

“We are citizens not subjects,” Finchem said. “That is the rally cry here. We have the right to scrutinize our elections.”

The election audit has already uncovered bombshell evidence of deleting voting machine data, broken chain of custody, and batches of ballots off by over 17 percent.

The Board of Supervisors have failed to address any of the specific allegations. Instead, they held a press conference and leaked a letter to the press calling the audit “dangerous.”

“The response by the county was so over the top, it just peaks our conscience,” Finchem said. “The overreaction is beyond explanation.

“If you’re claiming the voting machines were not connected to the internet, then it should be a very quick exercise,” he said. 

“Whatever it is they don’t want us to see, they are doing everything they can to prevent scrutiny,” Finchem added.

“And that is exactly the point of citizen vs. subject,” he said. “We are the citizens…and [the state senate has] the full plenary authority to examine those records.”


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