If You Can Keep It

Real America’s Voice correspondents Amanda Head and Ben Bergquam live from Philadelphia from their Save America Freedom tour, outside City Tavern — a historic founding father pub that is now closed.

City Tavern was “killed by the CCP and the covid virus,” Bergquam said.

Head said today’s patriots trying to get to the bottom of Nov. 3 are like the “men who refused to let go” of their grievances with King George. 

“As we move across America, more and more people are asking questions about the election,” she said. “If there’s just a tiny tiny crack in the story, that’s when people start wiggling with that crack and then they find out a whole mess of things that destroys the Democrat narrative in Arizona, in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, all across those swing states.”

Historic Old City restaurant City Tavern closes after 26 years

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‘They’ve Got the Ballots!’

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Rachel Maddow is the railhead for the left’s messaging on the Arizona audit.

“She’s scared down to the marrow of her being,” he said. “A couple weeks ago she ends with ‘this is dangerous.’ Now the Maricopa County board says ‘this is dangerous.’”

“If this was no big deal, if it was just like Katie Hobbs said…’totally fine, cleanest election.’ They would have a laugh and move on,” said Boris Epshteyn.

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Flashback: Someone sounds nervous: Rachel Maddow freaks out about Maricopa audit going forward

All About the Dominoes

Bannon and Epshteyn discuss the groundbreaking findings from the Maricopa County election audit. 

Epshteyn said the 4-1 RINO-controlled Board of Supervisors is sticking to the “quintessential old school uniparty approach to politics. That the bureaucrat, the deep state is more important.”

Plus, Epshteyn recalls in Wisconsin, “in a state that was decided by 20,000 votes,” there were 200,000 illegal ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties alone. “Those were 80-20 Biden counties.”

“There is a ton of work here, that is why Arizona can’t stop,” Bannon said.

“It is all about the dominoes,” said Epshteyn. “The stronger the Democrats fight against it…the push back from all over the country…MAGA patriots are standing up.” 

America’s Origin Story

Stephen K. Bannon wonders why Mitch McConnell is not stepping up to the sticks and demanding to know what is going on here, when election fraud means the GOP would control the senate.

Patrick K. O’Donnell returns to War Room on his new book The Indispensables, out today.

“It’s about who we are as Americans,” he said. “It’s our origin story.”

O’Donnell tells the heroic stories of the Marbleheaders, who turned the tide in the war, formed the Navy, and helped Washington cross the Delaware. 

“The war could have been lost had it not been on the shoulders of the Marbleheaders,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell’s book is unique because he tells their stories in their own words, using oral histories of the war.

Get the book: The Indispensables: The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country, Formed the Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware


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