Lt. Gen. Rod D. Bishop, Jr. joined War Room to explain why veterans are fighting against radical BLM in the U.S. military.

“It’s not political to support BLM, but it is political to stand up and say the truth about this Marxist ideology,” he said.

The group STARRS, Stand Against Racism And Radicalism In The Services, began after the Air Force Academy football team began promoting the Marxist group Black Lives Matter in a video.

“The academy didn’t want to take the video off the net,” Gen. Bishop said. “What we were finding in the course of speaking to graduates, about 85 percent disagreed with the video.”

The group is also bringing attention to the firing of Col Lohmeier, USAF, who was punished for speaking the truth about Marxism infiltrating the U.S. military on Todd Wood’s podcast.

Wood told War Room the backlash is intense, and patriots are very concerned about critical race theory infiltrating our finest institutions.


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