Nigel Farage told War Room disgusting drive by attacks in London where Arabs fly the Palestinian flag through Jewish neighborhoods threatening their women and children, are unprecedented.

“I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like this in my country before,” Farage said.

“They have made four arrests,” he said. “If any other ethnic group was to go into another ethnic group’s area and shout that kind of abuse there would have been dozens of arrests, scores.”

Farage said Boris Johnson has only put out one tweet, and the BBC nightly news made no mention of the vicious intimidation and verbal assaults.

Farage also commented on Prince Harry, who he now calls the “prince of the politically correct cancel culture,” and the state of the GOP. Republicans against Trumpism are the same as the Remainers who opposed Brexit, Farage said.

“They’re on their way out,” he said. “They’re history.”


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