Maricopa Board of Supervisors Stall

Boris Epshteyn reacts to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors providing no answers on the missing ballots and deleted voting machine data uncovered in the election audit.

“Where’s the answers?” he said. “And there are none.”

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Built-In Ballot Stuffing

Matt DePerno, constitutional lawyer in Michigan, reveals more bombshell evidence that voting machines had a built-in ballot stuffing mechanism.

“After the election closes we’ve discovered built into the system is the ability for someone to reopen the election put more ballots into the tabulator, what we call ballot stuffing,” he said. “Then retabulate, print out a new tabulator tape, but back date that tape to Nov. 3 and walk out the door without anyone knowing they were in that tabulator.”

DePerno said Michigan essentially turned “over control over their own election” to Dominion.


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If You Believe in Coincidences…Don’t

Rudy Giuliani’s attorney Bob Costello speaks out on the corruption of the Justice Department, revealing they lied on the affidavit to contain an illegal warrant of Giuliani’s iCloud the same day he became Donald Trump’s lawyer.

“They convinced a judge that both Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing…might tamper with or destroy evidence, or tamper with witnesses,” he said.

“That kind of allegation is just ridiculous on its face.”

All for a trumped up FARA charge, which is a notice provision where the DOJ typically sends you a form to fill out. 

“Certainly everyone knew what Rudy Giuliani was doing,” Costello said. “He was defending the then President of the U.S. Donald Trump. And all of this happens right before the House votes the first impeachment article…that’s the time they chose to seek out [Giuliani’s] iCloud account.”

“If you believe in coincidences…I don’t,” he said.

CORRUPT: Feds Began Secretly Spying on Giuliani on May 1, 2018 — The SAME Day He Became Trump’s Lawyer

Stopping Critical Race Theory in the Military

Lt. Gen. Rod D. Bishop, Jr. returns for an update on the fight against critical race theory inside the military.

“I have a cadet who I’ve known his family since before he was born…he said, you know the worst place for a white male Christian is the U.S. Air Force academy,” Gen Bishop said.

Visit: Stand Against Racism And Radicalism In The Services


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