The Prince of Politically Correct Cancel Culture

Nigel Farage joins War Room to discuss the disgusting drive by attacks in London flying the Palestinian flag through Jewish neighborhoods, threatening their women and children.

“I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like this in my country before,” Farage said.

“They have made four arrests,” he said. “If any other ethnic group was to go into another ethnic group’s area and shout that kind of abuse there would have been dozens of arrests, scores.”

Farage said Boris Johnson has only put out one tweet, and the BBC nightly news made no mention of the vicious intimidation and verbal assaults.

Plus, Farage says Prince Harry is now the “prince of the politically correct cancel culture,” and Republicans against Trumpism are the same as the Remainers who opposed Brexit.

“They’re on their way out,” he said. “They’re history.”

Palestinians Drive Through Jewish Neighborhoods in London Chanting, “F- The Jews, Rape Their Daughters”

Catch Nigel Farage’s America’s Comeback Tour

A World Wrecked in 100 Days 

Raheem Kassam explains how President Trump took on Islamism, vs. Biden who has “wrecked” America and the world in less than 100 days.

Todd Wood, founder and CEO of, gives an update on the firing of Lt Col Lohmeier, USAF, after he went on Wood’s show to warn about the Marxist infiltration of the military. 

USAF Lt Col Lohmeier Relieved Of Command After CDMedia Interview

WARNING: Military Officers Supporting And Enabling Marxism In DoD Will Face Accountability

Conservative Actress Flees Hollywood for Local Anti-Mask Activism

Actress Samaire Armstrong reveals why she fled Hollywood and took on mask tyranny in Arizona.

“I consciously made the decision that I was going to make a kamikaze into this,” she said. “Because it was such an important topic to discuss, I pretty much guaranteed myself that I wouldn’t have a career in Hollywood.

“But quite frankly, Why would you want to have a career in Hollywood after you figure out what Hollywood is all about?”

‘This Is What It’s All About’

Samaire Armstrong tells how a “Kent” (a male Karen) called the cops on her for protesting her 8-year-old son having to wear a mask at school.

Armstrong gives a powerful call to action for moms around the country.

“I have no background in this,” she said. “I’m just a mom who is fired up to protect my child like any mother out there.”

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