Arizona’s Receipts Don’t Match

Stephen K. Bannon says most people aren’t “anti-vax” they just have common sense. “People know, ‘Hey, I’m being sold something.”

Mark Finchem says Arizona ballot bags’ seals were broken, meaning the chain of custody was broken by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

“The receipts that where ballots were supposed to be in bags, those receipts don’t match up with the number of ballots in the bags,” Finchem said. “And by the way, those seals were broken.”

Plus, Finchem explains why the country withholding the routers is a big tell: the county said the machines were never connected to the internet.

“Well if that’s the case, why are you so reluctant to give us the routers to verify they weren’t connected to the internet?” Finchem said.

Never Give Up the Con

Mark Finchem says the Board of Supervisors is “scared to death of what we’re finding” in the Maricopa election audit.

Finchem explains why Dominion withholding the admin password to the voting system means Maricopa County “didn’t control the election, somebody else did.”

“The fact that [Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack] Sellers is going to try to say you don’t know what you’re looking at the adjudication files are still there,” Finchem said.

“Fine produce the receipts. Produce the evidnece and they can’t,” he said. “And that gives up the entire con. It kind of reminds me of the move The Sting. Never give up the con.” 

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Do They Have the Guts

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, breaks down what a Jan. 6 commission means and how the MAGA movement can use it to its advantage.

The historical antecedents of such a commission are not encouraging,” Beattie said of the 9/11 commission and others. “It’s our job to use this platform to push the truth out.”

“It’s basically up to us,” he said. “It’s up to War Room and it’s up to Revolver News to make sure this is a vehicle for the truth rather than just another institutional weapon to advance the blood libel against MAGA Deplorables.”  

Beattie said Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to use the commission to look into antifa is an admission to the left’s false narrative. In reality the facts are on our side. Instead, the GOP should use it to debunk the big lies about Jan. 6.

“It’s just a matter of whether they have the guts to go for the truth,” Beattie said.

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Education Out, Re-Education In

Darren Beattie reveals Revolver’s latest bombshell on Bishop Garrison and his attack on the First Amendment. 

“We need to force the Secretary of Defense to answer for this guy because he’s deeply troubling. He’s a race zealot.

Cindy Chafian, director of policy and engagement Moms for America, says our public schools are no longer places of education but re-education.

“Moms are painfully aware now that the left lies, and will continue to lie to squash any voices that oppose them,” she said.

However, Chafian said moms are rising up against the tyranny, and getting involved like never before.

“Free Speech Is A Digital Black Plague:” Bishop Garrison is Key Mercenary in Biden’s Dark War Against The First Amendment

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