‘Peace,’ ‘Peace,’ There Is No Peace

Rabbi Aryeh Spero opens Friday’s War Room with a prayer for Israel, and for America. “Give us strength not to falter nor lose our spirit and confidence,” he said.

Boris Epshteyn explains why how the anti-Semitic left took over the Democrat Party.

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Boris Epshteyn goes on an epic rant against the Democrat “Jihad squad” and how they’ve destroyed America’s relationship with Israel.

“Under Joe Biden, or President Susan Rice, or President Ron Klain, whoever’s really running the country, maybe it’s really just President Obama in his third term,” Epshteyn said. “There’s no strong support for Israel, there’s equivocation..and of course it’s emboldening the bad actors, Hamas.”

Raheem Kassam says it’s Christianophobes on the left, and the new Axis of Evil from Iran to Turkey to the CCP.

“You see the forces of evil this new axis of evil that’s working to undermine the Judeo-Christian West,” he said. “They say they stand not in opposition to the Jewish state’s policies, but to the opposition to the Jewish state’s existence.

“That is a call to genocide,” Kassam said. “It’s an outright call to displacing the Jewish people.

“This is sickness that we’re seeing.”

‘You’re Damn Right It’s Dangerous’

Bannon challenges CNN and Anderson Cooper to read the Karen Fann letter exposing Maricopa County’s deletion of voting machine evidence. Bannon says the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are right about one thing: the audit is “dangerous.” To them.

“This is dangerous to every incompetent and every person by malfeasance,” he said. “We’re going to get to the bottom of this and we’re not going to be stopped.” 

Stacey Abrams fumes over Arizona ballot audit, calls it a ‘continuation of the insurrection’

Arizona Republic: ‘This is dangerous’

AZ Supervisors Call Emergency Meeting

Audit Elections Everywhere

Matt McCall, businessman who ran against Chip Roy, explains how the Club for Growth poured $2 million against him to sink his race.

McCall not only backs the Arizona audit, but wants an audit in Texas and everywhere else.

“They realize that Biden’s not going to be the winner,” McCall said of the freakout over Maricopa County audit. “The truth is there was rampant fraud everywhere.” 

“And why stop there?” he said. “He won in Texas, but when you have 5,000 cars in a Trump train in Laredo Texas but you’re telling me he only got 45 percent of the Hispanic vote?

“This was a disaster what happened,” McCall said. “In Texas they may not have succeeded in keeping him from winning the state, but I don’t believe the results.”

If you like McCall, urge President Trump to endorse him for Texas Congressional District 21.


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