Boris Epshteyn goes on an epic rant against the Democrat “Jihad squad” and how they’ve destroyed America’s relationship with Israel.

“Six months ago we had a United States of America that stood with Israel that cut off funding to the Palestinians, that fought against Iran, stood with the good actors in the Middle East, moved the Embassy…that was America under Donald Trump,” Epshteyn said on War Room, Friday.

“Under Joe Biden, or President Susan Rice, or President Ron Klain, whoever’s really running the country, maybe it’s really just President Obama in his third term,” Epshteyn said. “There’s no strong support for Israel, there’s equivocation…and of course it’s emboldening the bad actors, Hamas.”

Epshteyn ripped the Biden regime as a “disgusting, horrible pathetic failure,” who are backing up the “anti-Semitic caucus” in the House.

“The horrible disgusting actors in the House, the ‘jihad squad,’ it is their fault that there is blood in Israel today,” he said.

Epshteyn warned those who come against Israel.

“Israel has withstood those attacks and it will win again,” he said. “Those who come for Israel and come for the Jewish people will rue that day.

“No jihad squad screaming their lungs off in the house of representatives, no pathetic feeble old man in Joe Biden who doesn’t know what day it is in the oval office are going to be able to change that,” Epshteyn said.


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