Jim and Joe Hoft, of the Gateway Pundit, react to the bombshell breaking news out of Maricopa County.

“It appears that they erased an entire election database inside the machines,” Jim said. “And this happened just days before they turned over to the senate investigator.”

Jim Hoft said “even the wimps at Fox News” should be covering this story, while Joe asked where is the FBI?

“Why is the FBI not involved right now,” Joe said. “Trying to figure out what’s going on there, because these are criminal actions that’s destroying evidence.”

Jim said Fox News and other so-called conservative outlets are “scared to death” of covering the story because they know what they’d find.

“What should concern every Republican, is if the DOJ came in and shut down this process tomorrow over some bogus charges, what would Fox have to say about it?” he said. “They haven’t been covering this story.”

“That’s why they need to start releasing some of this data,” Jim said. “Because if the Biden DOJ comes in, these are the same people that stole the election.

“Do you really believe that they’re not going to come in and try to stop this audit?”


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