Here Come the Receipts

Boris Epshsteyn reiterates Chip Roy is Liz Cheney with less hair and not the leader we need.

Stephen K. Bannon rips Kevin McCarthy, who says no one is questioning Nov. 3.

“He’s such an embarrassing clown,” Bannon said. “Somebody on the staff has to get him and get his little yellow highlighter out that he uses before he goes on TV, and get him the Arizona letter.”

Plus, Eshteyn reacts to the bombshell evidence of fraud coming out of Arizona, and says “the results are even worse than i thought” this early into the audit.

Roy to challenge Stefanik for Cheney’s old position

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That’s Not a Choice

Raheem Kassam reacts to Biden’s demand: get vaccinated or wear the mask. 

“That’s not a choice, that is the antithesis of choice,” Kassam said. “No freedom until you get this thing stuck in you.”

“They can’t sell this thing,” Bannon said. 

Biden issues threat: Get vaccinated or wear the mask

Seven Yankees coaches and staffers test positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated

Interest Rate Apartheid 

Mark Jeftovic, CEO of EasyDNS, says a currency revolution is underway.

“Everything is headed for a great bifurcation of sorts,” he said. “We’re heading into a new digital currency world, cash is going by the wayside.”

“For people who want to take control of their wealth…There’s an important choice ahead.” 


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A Fauci Finger in the Eye

Raheem Kassam shares the breaking news that Dr. Fauci has been announced as the commencement speaker for UNC Chapel Hill — home of Fauci’s friend Dr. Baric’s gain of function research.

“You have the audacity to invite this guy down for your commencement address,” Bannon said. “You guys are up to your neck in this.”

“This is disgusting.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci to speak virtually at UNC Chapel Hill’s 2021 commencement ceremony


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