Mark Finchem joined War Room to explain the bombshell details from Arizona state senate president Karen Fann’s letter: voting machine data was deleted off the machines.

The letter reveals Maricopa County board of supervisors violated the National Crime Information Center guidelines by allowing the use of election routers for other purposes.

“That tells us if there was traffic that went out of the building,” Finchem said. “All this around machines that were supposedly not connected to the internet.”

Worse, bags of ballots were not sealed, there is no chain of custody, and the files marked “results tally and reporting” were deleted. 

Boris Epshteyn reveals another bombshell from Karen Fann’s letter: bags of ballots that were off by over 17 percent. 

“Out of 10,000 ballots they should maybe miss one,” he said. “Out of 200 they missed 35.” 

“If we’re going to have any confidence in elections in this country, how can we be okay with discrepancies about double digits?”

Epshteyn reveals what we’ve known all along.

“Do we now know why the Maricopa County board of supervisors have been fighting this subpoena so hard?” he said. “Why Perkins Coie was sent in. Why the mainstream media is melting down. Tthey’ve got the ballots! They’ve got the ballots! Rachel Maddow.’ 

“Because they’re hiding this!” Epshteyn said. “And likely the fact that Joe Biden did not win Arizona. 


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