My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell pointed to the Arizona election audit as key to overturning Joe Biden’s illegitimate election.

“We’re going to get this to the Supreme Court,” Lindell told War Room, Tuesday,

But first, Lindell said the public must see the evidence of widespread election fraud and vote rigging for Biden that he is documenting at  

“This whole thing is a marketing thing,” he said. “They’re people too, when they look at this in 5-6 weeks, then the whole case they have to look at it,” Lindell said of the nine Supreme Court justices.

Lindell said Arizona is key to getting the truth out.

“Then you have a smoking gun,” Lindell said.

Lindell said Arizona must get access to the routers the Board of Supervisors is currently hiding from the Senate. 

“They injected votes in Arizona before the election even started,” Lindell said. “This is going to prove that.”

Lindell said there is a very simple reason Maricopa county is refusing to turn over the routers.

“The routers are going to show exactly — it will confirm that the attack where it came from,” he said. “It gets specific, right down to the IP addresses.

“That’s why they’re trying to stop us from getting the routers,” Lindell said. “They know where the information is hidden.”


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