Personnel is Policy

Matt Gaetz reveals what happened in the closed door meeting to oust Liz Cheney from GOP leadership. Rep. Gaetz says it would be a mistake for MAGA to think the war is over, and emphasized the need to recruit more candidates for office.

“Personnel is policy,” he said. “We need to grow legions of people to run for office.” 

“It’s not red team vs. blue team anymore,” Gaetz said. “It is the establishment vs the rest of us.”

Plus, Rep. Gaetz explains why China benefits from America staying in the Middle East, which is Liz Cheney and the endless war crowd’s number one goal.


Gaetz: Tweets that didn’t age well…

The Next Venezuela 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins War Room on election integrity, the border crisis, and the fight against Big Tech.

“We’ve sued Biden seven or eight times, mostly on the border,” he said.

Paxton said it’s now or never to fix our elections, because Texas could have been just like Georgia last November if he had caved to the litigious onslaught from the left.

What are the three biggest fights ahead? “Election issues number one. The biden administration number two. And Big Tech number three,” Paxton said.

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Trump Warned: We will become a large scale Venezuela if Biden gets in

Turning Point in History

Mike Lindell returns for an update on election fraud, and says it’s imperative to get the routers in the Maricopa County audit.

“The routers are going to show exactly, will confirm that the attack where it came from,” Lindell said. “It gets specific, right down to the IP addresses.

“That’s why they’re trying to stop us from getting the routers,” he said. “They know where the information is hidden.”

Plus, Lindell says America is getting a taste of what happened in Venezuela right now, and must act quickly or the country will be lost.

“Everybody is seeing exactly what happened in Venezuela,” Lindell said. “They’re going to do it in a year. This is the CCP. We’ve jumped right over socialism right into communism.”


The Plan

Mike Lindell gives his plan to bring the illegitimate Biden election down.

Lindell says the Arizona audit is key, because it will confirm his evidence of states stolen for Biden.

“Then you have a smoking gun,” he said. “They injected votes in Arizona before the election even started, this is going to prove that. It’s so important to this case.” 

Plus, Lindell announces more rallies, after up to 700,000 people tuned in to his event in Mitchell, South Dakota.


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