The globalist Vatican health conference is an example of the Deep State and the Deep Church working together to usher in the Great Reset, said Liz Yore.

Yore, the founder of Yore Children, gave War Room an update on the globalist “who’s who of devils” Vatican conference from last weekend: it was a total flop.

The Pope only got 75 views, while Dr. Fauci’s keynote wasn’t much better, clocking in at 145 views.

“The 7 billion Deplorables around the world are catching on and fed up with the Pope and this Vatican,” Yore said. “And nobody is paying attention to Pope Francis, and also Tony Fauci.”

Patrick Coffin reports on the monster turnout of the counter-Vatican conference he organized, which drew 50,000 people.

Liz Yore contrasts the keynote address of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and Dr. Fauci’s keynote addresses.

“[Viganò] understands innately what is going on between the Deep State and the Deep Church and how they are planning and colluding this Great Reset,” she said. “To bring on the great communist socialist revolution around the world using the pandemic as Herr Klaus Schwab has said.”


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