Rep. Claudia Tenney told War Room she backs Elise Stefanik as a potential Speaker of the House, and blasted Liz Cheney and Never Trump “mental illness.”

“Liz Cheney has Trump Derangement Syndrome of the worst form,” she said. “I don’t know how we’re going to cure her but right now she cannot be leading our conference. She’s divisive and distracted by this.”

Tenney said she supports Stefanik in GOP leadership. “Elise is brilliant for one, she’s a leader, she’s strong,” she said.

“Elise will take us to another level,” Tenney added. “She’s very practical, she’s not some dogmatic conservative. She represents her district. She’s thoughtful, she’s hardworking, she’s not going to be divisive, she’s not going to be obsessed with derangement.”

Rep. Tenney also tried to explain the Never Trump movement, obsessed with President Trump’s personality while the country is on the brink.

“I think there’s a mental illness there,” she said. “There’s just no cure for this. They’re obsessed with cult of personality.”

Meanwhile, America is facing real challenges, and Americans can see the real consequences of abandoning President Trump’s America First policies.

“I’ve never seen it this bad, we’re on the brink,” Tenney said. “I see the lack of freedom, the tyranny of Big Tech, the tyranny of the education system.

“I have 11 colleges in my district,” she explained. “These kids come out thinking communism is OK, authoritarianism is OK. This willingness to just succumb to the government and a lack of understanding what our country stands for.”


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