Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went nuclear on the Democrat “Jihad squad” and the GOP establishment, and said Donald Trump is the rightful president in an interview with War Room, Tuesday.

“What every single Republican voter knows is we know that we elected Donald J. Trump as president,” Rep. Greene said.

“There are so many questions that Americans deserve answers to,” she said about the Nov. 3 election.

Rep. Greene said the GOP must stay focused on the America First agenda, and go on offense.

“It’s not just some message, it’s the truth,” she said. “It’s about saving what we have, saving our freedoms.”

Rep. Greene said Americans are losing their small businesses while Kevin McCarthy lives with liberal consultant Frank Luntz’s multi-million dollar penthouse apartment.

She ripped AOC’s “Jihad squad” and said they do not belong in Congress. Rep. Greene said Republicans need to give voters a reason to go to the polls in 2022. And once in power, they need to use it.

“The Jihad squad, these women support terrorism,” Rep. Greene said. “They support it here at home with BLM antifa riots, and they support terrorism abroad. They support Hamas.” 

“We also need to take out Maxine Waters and expel her,” she said. “She believes in invoking riots on the American people and defunding the police. We also need to stand up and force Eric Swalwell off the intel committee who had a relationship with a Chinese spy.” 


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