Good Night and Good Luck, Uniparty

Boris Epshteyn gives an update on the Maricopa County audit and reports subpoenas are ready to go to get to exactly what happened with the administrative passwords.

Plus, Epshteyn laughs at Lindsey Graham’s assessment that Trump has 50 percent of the GOP in his camp.

“50? Are you joking me?” he said. “How about 90 percent.” Epshteyn says the uniparty is frustrated because they “thought they were rid of Donald Trump” after January.

“Good night and good luck, Uniparty,” Epshteyn said.

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Fauci’s Big White Lie

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to someone finally asking Dr. Fauci about funding gain of function coronavirus research in Wuhan. Rand Paul pinned Fauci down on weaponizing covid, and Fauci lied and said NIH has never funded gain of function research.

“Fauci is done,” Navarro said. 

“It’s not a white lie,” said Bannon.

Rand Paul clashes with Fauci over coronavirus origins

Dr. Fauci Lying Mode

Natalie Winters, of the National Pulse, fact checks Dr. Fauci. 

“The buried lede if you look at the diction and the syntax as to how they describe these grants…they describe them as not just going to Peter Daszak, but to Shi Zhenli,” Winters said.

“Look at the grant database at the NIAID, they have given millions of dollars to Shi Zhenli,” she said.

“That is the Bat Lady,” Bannon said.

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Read Natalie Winters at the National Pulse

‘I’m So Sick of Stacey Abrams’

Dr. Lisa Babbage, of the Georgia Black Republicans Council, rips Stacey Abrams for driving away the All Star game.  

“She’s spitting in the face of not only our ancestors but anyone who wants to earn a living wage,” she said.

Babbage organized a protest to bring the All Star game back to Atlanta, over the voting integrity bill she said is not racist.

“I’m so sick of Stacey Abrams being the equivalency of what it means to be Black in America or Black in Georgia,” Babbage said. 

“She has taken food out of the mouths of Black families by chasing Major League Baseball away,” she said.

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