Wuhan Cold Case

Author and investigative journalist Sharri Markson joins War Room to preview her book What Really Happened in Wuhan. The Australian reporter reveals she has new damning documents for the Chinese Communist Party and their cover up at the Wuhan lab. 

“This was just treated as a conspiracy theory a year ago, I was smeared,” she said of the Wuhan lab theory. “It has taken such a long time for people to even begin to comprehend that this might not have a natural origin.”

Now, overseas intelligence agencies, stonewalled by the CCP, are treating Wuhan as a “cold case.”

Her book, out in September, covers the “cover up, the unusual aspect of the virus itself, what was going on in Wuhan at the time.” 

“And I do have some incredible new documents,” she said. “I don’t know how i’m going to wait till September to share them.”
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Origins of Covid for Dummies

Sharri Markson says Dr. Fauci must answer for funding research into weaponizing coronaviruses, and calls out the media for failing to ask.

“It’s a scandal that he wasn’t asked about it in the hundreds of press conferences,” she said. “Why aren’t people asking this question of him?”

Plus, Markson reacts to 60 Minutes’ pathetic softball interview with Peter Daszak, mocking the piece as the origins of covid for dummies.

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Psaki dodges Emerald Robinson’s question about why Fauci’s NIH funded Wuhan Virology Lab

Fauci Father of Wuhan Virus?: The Receipts

Dr. Peter Navarro throws down with fake news, Mediate, and Neil Cavuto on Dr. Fauci being the father of the virus, and he has the receipts.

“Fauci’s going down,” Navarro said.

“These seven facts are not in dispute,” he said. “We know Fauci funded that lab, he ought to be fired just for that.”

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Bring the Game Back to Atlanta

Marvil Rodney, owner of Rodney’s Jamaican Soulfood in Atlanta, takes on Stacey Abrams and the MLB for moving the All Star game and hurting his business.

“We here in Cobb County are [suffering] by the moving of the game,” he said. “I can speak for myself, my employees, my business, we all lose business.” 

“Taking it away is a bad decision,” he said.

Rodney said the All Star game should not be “political.”

“It’s affecting everyone,” he said. “I was looking forward to the All Star game. I’ll lose at least $50,000 just by moving the game alone.” 

Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food


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