Biden Weakens U.S. Dollar

War Room explains why every American should be paying attention to cryptocurrency markets. Boris Epshteyn said the more U.S. dollar weakens, the higher crypto goes. 

“And you can thank Biden for that.”

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Ether Price Pushes Past $4K for First Time, Approaches JPMorgan’s Market Value

RINOs in Retreat

Boris Epshteyn says the establishment is “waving the White flag” as MAGA gains momentum with election audits. Plus, more evidence of the “most secure election in history”? The UK is getting ready to implement voter ID. Huh.

Axios: Institutionalizing Trumpism

Maricopa County Supervisors Didn’t Supervise Own Election

New Mexico State University law professor David Clements returns for an update on legal cases exposing election fraud, including Maricopa County.

“It looks like the Board of Supervisors never had access to running their elections,” Clements said. “That was in the hands of Dominion the entire time.”

Clements said the majority Republican board  was corrupt and “complicit” in fraud.

“We’ve got to get away from this left-right paradigm,” he said. “We’ve got corrupt Republicans, we’ve got corrupt Democrats. They all like their power.”


‘That Means Fraud’

Matthew DePerno, constitutional lawyer, reveals more new evidence out of Antrim County, Michigan that definitively proves the election was subverted for Joe Biden. Machines were intentionally manipulated to subvert “critical errors” that otherwise would have shut down the election.

“That means fraud in the coding process, fraud in the election reporting process, fraud in the results reporting process, and fraud by the Secretary of State in Michigan when she declared this to be the safest election in the history of the country and this was human error,” DePerno said.

Read: We have discovered the actual fraud and subversion in the Antrim County election. Did it occur statewide?


Dominion Was ‘Running Everything’

Arizona whistleblower Jan Bryant reveals Dominion employees “were running everything” in Arizona, where she was a volunteer for the election.

“On Election Day at 3 o’clock they rebooted the servers and no one would tell us why,” she said. “And they sent us home.”

Bryant said she is not surprised in the slightest Maricopa supervisors admitted they do not have the admin password to the voting machine system.

Nov. 3 Compromised 

David Clements says Nov. 3 was compromised.

“All of this information has been coming out day after day, week after week, month after month,” he said. “And the fact that people are still professing that there are no problems with this election tells me that this isn’t ignorance, or it’s willful ignorance. And at that point you’ve got a part that you’re playing in a compromised election.” 

“When people make very very strong statements about who’s doing the election who’s running it and you find out they’re not running it at all, that’s problematic,” Clements said.

“It’s all going to come out,” Bannon said.


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