Mike Lindell returns to War Room and announces a third documentary on election fraud: Absolute Cover Up.

“This is the biggest cover up probably in history,” Lindell said of the stolen election. “It’s so massive.”

Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice.

“I’ll give Dominion a little scare,” he said. “We have machines now. I do.”

Lindell said he will continue to lay out all the evidence on his platform Frank, and previewed his Mother’s Day rally with Lin Wood, Bikers for Trump at 3 p.m. in South Carolina. 

On Monday, Lindell will re-launch his new social media platform Frank in Mitchell, South Dakota. The event with Eric Metaxes and Joe Piscopo that will be livestreamed on FrankSpeech.com.


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