Right Over the Target

Arizona state Sen. Sonny Borrelli explains why the Department of Justice’s bullying letter trying to stop the election audit is giving them more resolve.

“We’re right over the target,” he said.

Borrelli counters the Biden DOJ “garbage” and says it’s impossible to intimidate voters after they have already voted, particularly if they’re dead.

Visit: Sonny Borrelli

Watch the audit: AZaudit.org

The Windham Incident

Marylyn Todd returns and asks the War Room audience for help securing signatures for Windham, New Hampshire to get an honest audit. The NH Voter Integrity Group has four days to secure enough signatures to get Jovan Pulitzer as auditor.

“Email the secretary of state and tell him the ballots are ours,” she said.

EMAIL [email protected] for help gathering signatures.

Visit: NHVoterIntegrity.org

Secretary of State office: 603-271-3242
Email: [email protected]

Bill Barr and the Big Steal

Dr. Peter Navarro explains the difference between the Trump and Biden Justice Departments: traitors and fascists.

“What you’re seeing is a Biden White House in sync with a Biden Justice Department,” he said. “That is something that did not happen with the Trump White House.”

“Bill Barr would not play ball with team Trump,” Navarro said. “Between the cowardly acts of Bill Barr, the treasonous acts of Bill Barr and the fascist acts of the Biden Justice Department.”

“Shame on Bill Barr because he is part of this big steal that happened,” he said.

DOJ is a ‘Secret Police’ for Biden Regime

The Club for Growth Globalists

Stephen K. Bannon and Peter Navarro take the mask off the Club for Growth and reveal why they are going after Elise Stefanik.

“This is not about policy with Liz Cheney,” he said. “The reason why she hates Donald J. Trump is MAGA. Donald J. Trump called her pop the Darth Vader of foreign policy, the architect of the endless wars we’ve been in for the last 20 years…Trump called him on that. 

These are scum bag people who drain our treasure and blood from this country,” Navarro said. “That’s Dick Cheney.”

Victors Not Victims

Melissa Hurray, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, announces a new podcast The Hope Report to share stories of “freedom, restoration, and transformation that people find in Jesus.” 

The podcast with former SEAL Jason Perry is designed to “get good news, and get filled with the Holy Spirit and teach people they can have victory over whatever addiction they have.”

“They don’t have to be a victim, they can be a victor,” she said.

Visit: The Lindell Recovery Network 

The Hope Report on YouTube


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