Elise Stefanik backed the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, asking, “What are the Democrats so afraid of?”

In a wide-ranging interview on War Room, Thursday, Stefanik said election integrity is on the top of her agenda, so Americans can have confidence in elections after what happened on Nov. 3.

“I fully support the audit in Arizona,” she said. “We want transparency and answers for the American people.

“What are the Democrats so afraid of?” she said.

Stefanik blasted Democrats for interfering in the audit, including the Biden regime — via Democrat impeachment witness Pamela Karlan — sending a threatening letter to Arizona to intimidate the process.

“The voters in Arizona and the state senate pursued this audit,” Stefanik said. “Transparency is a good thing. We need to fix these election security issues.”

Stefanik said the issues are widespread, including her district next door where “major major issues” were found with mail-in ballots after the election.

“It’s not just Arizona,” she said.

Stefanik’s support for getting to the bottom of Nov. 3 is in stark contrast to Liz Cheney, who Stefanik could replace in GOP leadership. Unlike Stefanik, Cheney abandoned her voters, joined the Democrats, and smeared anyone who questioned the presidential election.

President Trump endorsed Stefanik over Cheney on Wednesday.

Stephen K. Bannon praised Stefanik as one of the few who stood by President Trump in the thick of it in 2016.

“You stood tall,” he said.


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