Rudy Giuliani warned War Room the Department of Justice is being used as a “secret police” for the Biden regime, and Democrats are trying to turn America into a one-party communist state.

Giuliani eviscerated the Biden regime’s threatening letter to Arizona, trying to intimidate the election audit that is finally examining the actual ballots and machines from Nov. 3.

“They know exactly what they’re doing,” he said. “This is not really a legal letter, it’s a political letter.”

Giuliani, who was raided at 6 a.m. last week for a trumped up FARA violation, said the DOJ is “operating like a secret police, some kind of police force of the Biden administration.”

Giuliani was also spied on when he was President Trump’s lawyer during impeachment, breaking the sacrosanct lawyer-client privilege.

“They break into that woman’s apartment in Alaska, and put her in handcuffs,” Giuliani said, of the raid of a Homer, Alaska couple who never entered the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The FBI frantically searched the home for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, despite no evidence against the couple.

“They don’t even know she was there,” he said. “With no criminal record, and they break down the door.”

Giuliani pointed out he cannot find any other lawyer’s office that has been raided, other than lawyers for President Trump.

“[Biden’s] weaponized [the DOJ] against Trump, Trump supporters, and certainly the American people that don’t agree with them,” Giuliani said. “They’re all in jeopardy and their rights are in jeopardy.”

“I’m trying to find a lawyer’s office that’s ever been broken into other than a lawyer for Donald Trump,” he said.

Giuliani also said the Arizona state legislature has full Constitutional authority to conduct its audit, and warned what the Democrats are really after.

“They have been backing off this now for 6 months because they do not want anybody to look at these paper ballots,” he said. “Arizona reported not a single vote by a non-citizen. Yes you should laugh,” he told Stephen K. Bannon.

“Our expert estimated about 38,000, other litigants go as high as 60,000,” Giuliani said. “Once you get the ballot you can check against the DMV rolls, you’ll be able to see those votes are fully illegal.”

“They’re trying to frighten them,” Giuliani continued, of Pamela Karlan’s (yes, that Pamela Karlan) DOJ letter to Arizona. “How would you ever investigate allegations of voter fraud if you didn’t interview people? They’re really trying to stop any investigation.”

Giuliani said next this is about Democrats trying to steal elections in perpetuity.

“This time they had to pretend they had signatures on them, next time they don’t even have to pretend,” he said. “And then if anyone complains, they’ll say that’s voter intimidation.”

“They’re setting it up so they can steal elections for the indefinite future and we can become a one party country,” Giuliani said. “Right in the socialist game plan of Marx, Engles, and the communists who run BLM and are tied into the Democrat Party.”


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