The French Don’t Get Much Right in Life, But…

Nigel Farage and Boris Epshteyn join War Room in-studio, and discuss how Farage warned mail-in ballots would destroy American elections.

Plus, Farage gives a positive message to the disillusioned of the MAGA movement.

“We won the Brexit vote, the globalist establishment tried to stop us,” he said. “We had a date to leave, March 29, wed didn’t leave on that date  woke up on March 30 we were still in, but you know what? We still, despite insurmountable odds, we still came back and won. We did it because we had a peoples army on the ground and a positive mentality.

“If we can overcome those odds and get Brexit, you can come back smash the midterms and get back in the White House, in 2024,” Farage said.

Flashback: Nigel Farage Warns Trump Will Win On Election Day, But Mail-In Ballots Will Be Used To Nullify

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

War Room discusses the uniparty attack against Elise Stefanik, as she’s poised to dethrone Liz Cheney. Farage says what they want is a “nice soft gentle opposition.” 

Plus, Farage discusses his America Comeback 2021 tour.

“The key purpose is to rally the troops,” he said. “Don’t get mad, get even.”

“They worry America’s been lost, but I’m optimistic.”

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MAGA Revolt in SC

Boris Epshteyn recalls what he thought when Fox News called Arizona for Biden: “The fix is in.” Epshteyn and Bannon discuss the impossibility of Arizona’s voter rolls increasing by 800,000 in one cycle.

Pressley Stutts, chairman of the United Patriots Alliance, gives an update on the MAGA revolt in  South Carolina. Stutts announced the grassroots is suing the state party for violating party rules, and what he describes as cheating at the virtual convention.

“We’re trying to hold them accountable they have violated multiple rules over and over again,” Stutts said. “And the people have had enough.”


The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Frank Gaffney, vice chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, explains why Taiwan is the most dangerous place on earth.

“Because China is intent on seizing it,” he said.

Gaffney and Bannon say the world’s economy is dependent on semiconductors and chips manufactured in Taiwan, or Silicon Valley West.

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