Big Tech Beyond the Point of Redemption

Jeff Brain, founder and CEO of CloutHub, says Big Tech is “beyond the point of redemption,” after Facebook upheld its ban of the most popular incumbent president in history.

“Big Tech has betrayed the American people once again,” he said. “It’s not just denying his right to speak. It’s denying the people a right to hear their 45th president.”

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95% Never Trump, 3/4 Non-Americans

Raheem Kassam reveals Facebook’s “oversight” board is just a front for globalist Never Trumpers. The board that extended a ban on President Trump was set up by leading impeachers Noah Feldman and Pamela Karlan.

NO SURPRISE: Facebook’s Trump-Banning Oversight Board Is Virtually All Far-Left, Soros-Funded Activists

Kevin McCarthy’s Luxury Rental Firm’s Largest Shareholder Is Mao’s Grandson

MAGA Adjacent

War Room dissects the prospects of Elise Stefanik replacing Liz Cheney, and why some are skeptical of her MAGA credentials.

Raheem Kassam says she is the “realist choice,” while Steve Bannon says she’s a fighter who must prove how America First she is.

“She’s MAGA adjacent,” he said. “She’s smart, she’s tough, and she’s a fire breather. We need all those that right now. We have to make sure she goes from MAGA adjacent to full embodiment of MAGA and America First.”

Digital Immortality

Author Joe Allen explains why transhumanism is the new religion, and the quest for “digital immortality” by putting your soul into the cloud.

“People are already in some sense becoming cyborgs in you’re having this digital device make its decisions for you,” he said.

“The more it knows about you, the more it knows how to manipulate you,” Allen said.

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