New Hampshire voters will hire their own auditor after the Windham election board defied the will of the people and selected the controversial group Verified Voting for the election audit.

“Those are our ballots,” Marylyn Todd, founder of NH Voter Integrity Group, told War Room. “Prove to us that you guys have nothing to hide. Why aren’t you going with the people’s pick if everything was so perfect on Nov. 3?”

Five hundred protesters attended the public meeting in the small town, Monday evening, and turned their backs on the board who insulted them as “irrelevant.”

“It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time,” Todd said of the overwhelming grassroots response to demand a fair audit. “The way that the [board] spoke to us was disgusting. They told us to our faces that we were irrelevant.”

The board went ahead with hiring Verified Voting, who previously worked with Brad Raffensberger and are using experts at federally-funded MIT and Princeton, contrary to state law.

“They are not going with the will of the people,” Todd said. 

Todd vowed her group will hire election expert Jovan Pulitzer themselves, in order to get a fair accounting of the vote on Nov. 3. Major discrepancies in vote totals leave many grassroots activists to believe Joe Biden did not win New Hampshire.

“We’re hiring Jovan ourselves,” Todd said. “We left last night with $2,500 for Jovan [raised]. That’s how mad people were.”


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