No More Backstabbing Republicans 

War Room reacts to Kevin McCarthy’s response to living with Frank Luntz, and what it’s going to take for the GOP to get back on track.

Missouri senate candidate Eric Greitens explains why courage is the most important element to have in politics. “We have patriots in this country now who feel hopeless,” he said. 

“No more to backstabbing Republicans,” he said. “In the military you get to see your enemy in front of you. In politics what so often happens is that you think you’re engaged in one fight and then you get RINOs who come in and stab in the back.” 

Kevin McCarthy responds to Tucker Carlson report that he’s living with Frank Luntz, tries to laugh it off

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Herd Mentality

War Room dissects the Father of the Virus Dr. Fauci’s latest gobbledygook on “herd immunity.” 

Eric Greitens says Americans are tired and want answers about masks and the vaccines — especially when it comes to the push for experimental gene therapy on kids.

“People are angry already,” he said. “People know when they’re being talked down to. Come out with a clear rationale explanation. They keep contradicting themselves almost day after day.”

Raffensberger-Linked Group to Audit Ballots in NH

Heather Mullins, of Real America’s Voice, gives the latest on the controversial auditor Verified Voting and why voters are outraged the election board defied the will of the people in New Hampshire.

Mullins said the group was found to be “authenticating machines that were not trustworthy” in Georgia.

Plus, Eric Greitens reports over 100 police officers have been murdered this calendar year already on duty.

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Police Lives Don’t Matter

Capt. Maureen Bannon on the media blackout of police officers killed in the line of duty. Eric Greitens reveals the effect of the BLM/antifa riots on downtown St. Louis, and it’s hurting the MLB. 

Plus, Greitens reveals what he would do to combat antifa and BLM, and it starts with the Constitution. And the only safe space he’d give rioters is a jail cell.


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