Kevin McCarthy is in Play

War Room reacts to Tucker Carlson’s “magnificent rant” on Kevin McCarthy, exposing McCarthy is roomies with Google lobbyist Frank Luntz.

Stephen K. Bannon says this means McCarthy is now in play, and Liz Cheney could be gone in days — not weeks.

Tucker — Kevin McCarthy lives with Frank Luntz

Kassam called it

The Great Reset is Coming for Your Job

Stephen K. Bannon explains how tech oligarchs want to bring China’s social credit score to America, via vaccine passports.

“They’re going to take your jobs and now you’re not going to have your kids educated,” Bannon said.

More than 30 colleges now say Covid vaccines will be mandatory for fall 2021

CIA mocked online over woke recruitment video: ‘Our enemies are laughing at us’

Controlled Opposition

 Bannon explains why the establishment prefers McCarthy and Cheney in GOP leadership.

“What they want is controlled opposition,” he said. “What they want is a docile, the George Will put a bow tie on, be polite on ABC, talk about we want some more marginal tax cuts, we want some more deregulation, we want some more free trade.”

Plus, Raheem Kassam gives his take on McCarthy rooming with Luntz: “I’m just stunned McCarthy is that stupid.”

‘Those Are Our Ballots’

Marylyn Todd, founder of NH Voter Integrity Group, returns after the Windham election board in New Hampshire defied the will of the people and selected the controversial group Verified Voting for the election audit.

“Those are our ballots,” she said. “Prove to us that you guys have nothing to hide. Why aren’t you going with the people’s pick if everything was so perfect on Nov. 3?”


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