Stephen K. Bannon said not only is Liz Cheney’s time up in Republican leadership, so could be Kevin McCarthy’s.

After an epic take down by Tucker Carlson exposing McCarthy’s close relationship with liberal Google lobbyist Frank Luntz, Bannon said there is an opportunity to replace the Republican’s RINO leadership with America First fighters.

“Kevin McCarthy is now in play,” he said on War Room, Tuesday.

The Republican leadership “is misaligned with the voters,” Bannon said. “With not just the base of the party but with the realignment of the party.”

The bombshell that McCarthy is living with a Big Tech pro-open borders pollster will quicken the establishment’s move to drop Liz Cheney, who is already on the chopping block.

“Kevin McCarthy, by cozying up to Frank Luntz…not only is Cheney in play, Kevin McCarthy is now in play,” Bannon said. “To save himself now, he’s going to throw Cheney to the wolves.

“Her half life is days not weeks,” he said.


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