Rudy Giuliani says he feels like a character straight out of 1984, after the feds conducted an illegal raid of his apartment.

Giuliani recorded his latest podcast Rudy’s Common Sense comparing America to 1984 and Brave New World. The next day the FBI raided him.

“Now I feel like a character in 1984,” he said.

The Justice Department tried and failed to get warrants targeting Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, until the regime changed.

Giuliani said he wants the American people to understand how “serous a destruction” the raid was to the Constitution.

“It completely obliterates the 4th Amendment and 6th Amendment,” he said. “This search and seizure was completely unreasonable.”

Giuliani explained why the warrant was totally illegal.

“You can’t get a search warrant, you can’t invade my 4th amendment rights that are secured by God,” he said. “Unless you can show there is probable cause that I’m going to destroy evidence.”

“On four occasions I offered to discuss it with them,” Giuliani continued. “I also made it clear to them to show these things were not true. There can’t be any evidence that emerged two weeks ago.”

The only incriminating evidence in Giuliani’s apartment was left behind by the FBI: Hunter Biden’s hard drive from hell.

“When I offered them the Hunter Biden hard drives, the agents turned me down based on my word,” he said. “If I was the kind of person that was going to destroy evidence why would they rely on my word? They are called for in the warrant.”

Yet the agents did not take the electronic devices, because they wanted to “see no evil” of anything to do with the Biden’s illegal crimes of bribery, child pornography, and more.


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