Dr. Fail

War Room breaks down Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci’s ever changing advice on masks and vaccines. Stephen K. Bannon says they’re creating a whole new category: “the vaccine confused.”

“They are trying to pretend they have a clue,” said Raheem Kassam. “They both pretend to know, then hide the details, then ask the American people to take precautions anyway.”

Biden on Wearing Masks Outside Despite Being Vaccinated: “It’s a Patriotic Responsibility For God’s Sake!”

Fauci Pushes Outdoor Masks and Experimental Vaccine on Kids Who Aren’t Susceptible to Virus

Biden Might Mandate Experimental Vaccines for Military

This is North by Northwest

It’s out of a Hitchcock movie. Raheem Kassam tells the bizarre and disturbing tale of the latest FBI misadventure in Homer, Alaska.

The feds, with guns blazing, stormed a spa owned by Marilyn and Paul Hueper frantically looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, when the patriotic couple never even stepped foot in the capitol on Jan. 6.

Despite the case of mistaken identity, the 12 FBI agents still took their phones, computers, and a their copy of the Declaration of Independence.

“That’s seditious material,” Bannon said

FBI Raids Alaska Spa To “Recover Pelosi’s Laptop” Stolen From U.S. Capitol, Owners Reveal.

Everything is the Party

War Room discusses the post-truth American era and how it ties into the cult of Scientism.

“Mass lying as a means to lead a nation, what it does is it takes the ordinary concerns of ordinary people and it wraps them in Marxism,” said Kassam.

“Post truth is Scientism,” said Bannon. “That’s why Fauci is the high priest of this.” 

Live Stream Pulled on Counter-Vatican Virtual Summit

Raheem Kassam has the creepy details of Hunter Biden’s memoir: it involves a giant owl and hooking up with his dead brother’s wife.

Plus, cancel culture comes for the counter-Vatican summit.

“Mid-live stream…We just got cancelled, deleted, and deplatformed,” said Patrick Coffin, who is leading the event.

The event, which is nearing 50,000 virtual attendees, is designed to counter the “who’s who of devils” Vatican conference promoting vaccines and the globalist agenda.

“The level of corruption, the level of deception, this is good vs. evil,” said Coffin. “And mid-summit on the first day they pulled the plug.”

‘A Who’s Who of Devils’: Vatican Conference is a Front for One World Globalist Agenda

Counter Vatican Conference Will Expose Marxist Great Reset Agenda

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