Rudy Responds

America’s Mayor joins War Room for the first time since the political raid on his apartment. Giuliani refutes more fake news in the Washington Post, and definitively says the FBI never gave him a defensive briefing on Russia and Ukraine.

“At no time did the FBI brief me about Russian connections of anyone, anywhere,” he said. 

Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid

FAKE NEWS: FBI warned Giuliani, key Trump ally in Senate of Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden

Blockbuster Illegal Warrant on Trump and Rudy DURING Impeachment

Giuliani exposes how the Justice Department put the kibosh on an investigation into the Biden’s illegal activity in 2020.

Plus, Giuliani on the blockbuster revelation how the DOJ under Bill Barr illegally spied on his private, privileged communications with President Trump during the first sham impeachment.

“This would have been a particularly unethical time to go in and spy on and emails texts and memorandum,” he said. “There isn’t much else you’re going to get.”

“They told my lawyer they had covert access to my iCloud in late 2019,” Giuliani said. “Anywhere from the fall on is impeachment time.”

“I can’t imagine any set of circumstances under which that they would have any justification that wouldn’t violate his 6th Amendment right to counsel, and my 4th Amendment right to being private,” he said.

‘This is About Trump’

Rudy Giuliani explains how the illegal and unethical behavior of the corrupt Justice Department goes back to their hatred of Trump.

“This is about Trump,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “That’s the heart of it. You’re a means to an end.”

Giuliani exposes the outrageous illegal covert warrant was illegal and violated his and President Trump’s Constitutional rights.

‘I Feel Like a Character in 1984’

Giuliani reveals what he was doing the night before the illegal raid on his apartment: recording a podcast how America is becoming 1984 and Brave New World.

“Now I feel like a character in 1984,” Giuliani said.

“You’re an American hero,” Bannon said. “People will never forget that.”


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