America First candidate Kelly Tshibaka told War Room why she is taking on Swamp “Goliath” Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. 

“Our freedom is shrinking and our economy is blown,” she said.

Tshibaka told her inspiring story of how her parents went from being homeless to sending her to Harvard. Her parents lived in a tent, but only in did they have “the opportunity to fight their way out of that.”

Now, Joe Biden is cancelling oil and gas jobs in Alaska, and implementing an “intentional dictatorial plan to drive us to dependency and crippling debt to a divided states of America.”

“I take it personally when he takes aim at those jobs because homelessness is sprawling in Anchorage,” she said.

Tshibaka said she needs the help of America First patriots to take on Murkowski.

“I need your help we are up against a Goliath and she is funded by D.C.,” he said. “Lisa Murkowski and her father have had that seat for 40 years.” 


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