Mike Lindell joined War Room fresh off his successful appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, where the My Pillow CEO was able to make his case on election fraud.

“He had read my book, and they said he couldn’t put it down,” Lindell said. “That gave me a peace before I went on. And he was one of these hosts that I felt comfortable with.”

“He actually reached out and shook my hand,” Lindell said.

After the interview staff members asked for pictures. Protesters who showed up to the taping were actually there in support of Lindell, and his new social media platform Frank.

“When I went to leave there there were all these protesters,” Lindell said. “I look up, all you see was a sea of people saying, ‘Frank speech will save America.’

“I said stop the car, I want to get out!” he said.

Raheem Kassam read rave reviews on YouTube for Lindell on Jimmy Kimmel, where viewers praised it as the “interview we didn’t know we needed.”

In just a few hours Lindell’s interview reached 600,000 views, with 20,000 likes. By contrast, Joe Biden’s Wednesday address on the main White House YouTube feed had just 22,000 views, 438 likes, and 5,300 dislikes.

Lindell said the interview broke the firewall with the left-wing media, and will be a “game changer” for getting the truth out.

“Last night was really the start of turning on this and getting our voices out there,” he said.

Lindell said he still believes President Donald Trump will return to the White House come August, and hinted at three avenues to get the fraudulent election results overturned.

“You said President Trump is coming back in 2024,” Lindell said. “I’m still sticking to August of this year, by the way.”

“I’ll take earlier, too,” said Stephen K. Bannon.


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