You Can’t Hide This Anymore

Stephen K. Bannon says it’s evident from Joe Biden’s address that he did not receive 81 million votes, and over 12 million more than Barack Obama.

“Twelve million more votes coming from the basement in Delaware?” he said. “This is why they’re plan is so radical, they know they’re on borrowed time.” 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene explains why China is high-fiving after Biden’s address, and announces new rallies with Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“I’m very happy I didn’t go because everything he said is a socialist nightmare and the destruction of our country that we know and love,” she said.


Good Ol’ Boy Cronyism in Georgia

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene exposes GOP establishment cheating at the local level in Georgia against MAGA candidates.

“How in the world can the Republican Party complain about election integrity when they are going along with cheating in their county GOP?” she said.

“I want our state fixed. I do not want to be taken over by Democrats,” Greene said. “I will fight it all the way down.” 

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Fed Up

Capt. Bannon reports Arizona is cancelling school board meetings to avoid accountability with parents opposed to mask mandates.

Carrie Liebich returns for an update on parents’ fight in Vail, Arizona to protect their kids from masks. 

“They refused to hear us, they locked themselves in the room, and they fled the scene,” Liebich said of the terrified school board who wants no accountability.

Liebich said parents are “fed up” and “lawyering up,” and won’t let this fight go. 

Fauci Pushes Masks on Kids Outside

‘We’re Not Taking it Anymore!’: AZ Parents Band Together Against Kid Mask Mandate, Ed Board Runs

Ticking Time Bomb

Stephen K. Bannon and Carrie Liebich discuss the ticking time bomb with kids’ mental health, as masks and isolation are leading 11-year-olds to commit suicide, and kids are afraid to breathe fresh air.

“Absolutely everything we’re seeing is on a massive fast forward decline for our children,” she said. “Their grades are suffering, their joy in life is suffering, nothing good has come out of these mask mandates. Not one thing.”

“They’re miserable,” she said. “We ended up destroying their lives, the nonsense absolutely needs to end now.”

Bannon says what’s happening in Vail is going to spread throughout the country.


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