Lindell’s a Hit

Mike Lindell joins War Room after his successful appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Raheem Kassam notes Kimmel really warmed to the My Pillow CEO, let him talk, and had a lively discussion.

“He had read my book, and they said he couldn’t put it down,” Lindell said. “That gave me a peace before I went on. And he was one of these hosts that I felt comfortable with.”

“He actually reached out and shook my hand,” Lindell said.

Plus, Lindell reveals how the mob of protesters outside the studio were pro-Lindell.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell

Lindell’s Rave Reviews

Raheem Kassam reads the rave reviews on YouTube for Lindell on Jimmy Kimmel. For reference, in just a few hours Lindell’s interview reached 600,000 views, with 20,000 likes. Joe Biden’s address on the main White House feed had just 22,000 views, 438 likes, and 5,300 dislikes.

Plus, Lindell says the Kimmel interview will be a “game changer” for getting the word out about the stolen election. And previews three ways the fraudulent election can be overturned.

It’s Not the End of a Wall, it’s the End of America

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border where the feds are harassing him for “trespassing” — at the same spot where the cartels walk right through.

Bergquam shows where Biden stopped building the wall, leaving it wide open for anyone to walk through.

“That’s the end of American sovereignty,” said Bannon. “This is Joe Biden saying no your sovereignty doesn’t matter, your health doesn’t matter.” 

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Lindell Still Believes

Mike Lindell says he still believes Donald Trump will be back in the White House come August. Plus, Lindell previews his rally in Mitchel, South Dakota on May 10.

Mike Lindell Holding Frank Launch in South Dakota May 10, Mask-Free and Full of ‘Great Surprises’


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