Red Meat for Democrats

War Room reacts to the pathetic Joe Biden address, Wednesday evening, where supposedly fully vaccinated Congress still sat 20 feet apart and masked up.

Stephen K. Bannon asks, “Why is the vaccinated posse sitting up there fully masked?” 

There’s no one there…

The CCP Model

Stephen K. Bannon and John Tamny discuss the Biden regime breaking the bank with $11 trillion in spending this year. Tamny said that’s just the “low number,” it’s the real cost in the future we really have to worry about.

Plus, Bannon explains how the Biden regime is trying to usher in the CCP model.

“They are going to so dramatically expand the mere concept of government,” Bannon said. “The model they’re looking at — it’s obvious after that speech last night — is the CCP model. CCP-lite, state capitalism…so big in scale, so involved in your life,social credit score.”

“This is 10x more radical than Obama,” he said. 

The Shot Heard Round the World in Arizona

Parents in Vail, Arizona have had enough of the mask tyranny against their kids in school.

Carrie Liebich, a mom and author, explains how parents simply standing together forced the Board of Education to flee. Liebich said the movement started with just two parents, but quickly they found hundreds of people just like them who’ve had enough of the mask mandate hurting their kids.

Stephen K. Bannon said this could be the shot heard round the world.

“This is how it starts,” he said. “It’s Vail, Arizona that could light the match.”

‘Let our children breathe!’: Arizona school board flees as angry parents demand lift of mask mandate for kids

Fauci Pushes Junk Science and Masks on Kids Outside

The Common Sense of the American People

Raheem Kassam covers the “Kim Jong Il territory” of mainstream media rigging polls for Biden’s speech.

John Tamny explains why mask mandates are inherently stupid. “Parents protect their kids by nature,” he said. “The idea that they need to force you, it insults the basic common sense of humanity, let alone Americans.”

Plus, Tamny and Bannon discuss the U.S. at an inflection point economically.

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