My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is holding a launch party for Frank in Mitchell, South Dakota on May 10.

The event at the Corn Palace will be mask-free and full of “great surprises.”

 “That’s going to be the grand grand opening to the world,” Lindell told War Room of Frank, his new social media platform that was hit by 7 simultaneous bot attacks at once.

Lindell said the rally will bring awareness to the stolen election and attacks on free speech. The event will be first come, first serve at the Corn Palace, which holds 3,500 people.

“By May 10 everything will be up and running,” Lindell said of Frank social media. “For me it was more about we can’t let our voice be smashed.”

“I couldn’t ask for a better launch,” he said, after his livestream has been viewed by tens of millions of people.


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