TRO Denied

War Room reacts to a huge win in Arizona, after a judge denied the Democrat’s attempt to stop the Maricopa County election audit. A fired up Boris Epshteyn breaks it all down. 

“The Democrats were denied in court,” he said. “They went home crying.”

“That was a beat down today,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “TRO denied.”

Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem notes the judge said the Democrats’ argument was “unpersuasive,” as the state legislature has full jurisdiction over this audit.

Judge denies Democrats’ request to stop Maricopa County audit

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Live Report From McAllen, Texas

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from McAllen, Texas, where citizens have had enough of Biden’s border crisis.

“This is affecting their lives,” he said. “They escaped it, they escaped the cartels, and now the Biden regime is inviting the cartels back in.”

“We have slavery, it’s because of this border, and it’s because of Joe Biden and the left,” Bergquam said. “And they do not care.”

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Combat Vet Runs Against Impeachment RINO

Joe Kent, veteran and congressional candidate, joins War Room to explain why he’s running against Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler. 

Kent, who served 11 combat tours and whose wife was killed in combat fighting ISIS, said Washington state is  fighting on all fronts to preserve our way of life out here.”

Kent said he saw enough after the lockdowns, Big Tech interference in the election, and the Republican establishment doing nothing.

Kent said he saw that “we were under assault on all fronts, and if we did not move it would be too late.”


WATCH: Joe Kent for Congress: Send Me

America on Trial

Candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota Doug Wardlow reacts to the appalling statements from his opponent Keith Ellison. 

“Keith Ellison thinks the international criminal court should investigate the American justice system for systemic racism,” Wardlow said.

Ellison: I Agree with International Courts Investigating U.S. Justice System

‘Projection, Projection, Projection, Cover Up’

War Room reacts to the Marxist Biden Justice Department raiding the home of the former President’s lawyer. 

Raheem Kassam says it’s all about covering up for the Biden crime family’s corruption in Ukraine. 

“The rule of law has clearly been perverted,” he said.

Plus, Kassam discusses the latest in the deep state frame up of Matt Gaetz.

‘This can happen to any American’: Andrew Giuliani LASHES OUT at Biden DOJ following Raid on His Father’s Home and Office

Did The State Dept Fund Matt Gaetz’s Extortionists?


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