Mike Lindell Does Late Night

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell returns to War Room from Hollywood, as he prepares to appear on Jimmy Kimmel.

Lindell reveals why he’s not afraid, and how he will seek common ground with the liberal host, who was also a victim of cancel culture.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmell calls into Mike Lindell’s Frank livestream

Into the Lion’s Den

Mike Lindell explains how he prepares to go into the lion’s den: prayer. Plus, Lindell gives an update on his defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail.

Lindell reveals Dominion has sent 200 lawsuits and threatening letters to silence its critics, in what Alan Dershowitz calls the biggest threat to free speech in history.

Kimmel’s cringe love fest with Hunter Biden

Mike Lindell Sues Daily Mail

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Democrats: Once the Party of Slavery, Always the Party of Slavery

Ben Bergquam and Jeremy Herrell report live from their Save America Freedom tour and expose the dark reality that America is the world leader is human trafficking.

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Mike Lindell’s Corn Palace Rally on May 10

Mike Lindell announces his new launch of Frank will take place in Mitchell, South Dakota at the Corn Palace on May 10. In addition, Lindell reveals 7 million bots simultaneously attacked Frank at once. What are they so afraid of?

The Greatest Revival in History

Mike Lindell tells War Room to keep the faith, and shares his conviction that everything happening is to bring the biggest revival in American history.

“I believe this is a divine appointment today,” he said. “We are living in the greatest time ever right now. You’re going to look back and say all this had to happen in order to get to that place and once again we will be one nation under God.”

“I believe it’s going to be the greatest revival for Jesus in history,” Lindell said.


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