Prepare for Heavy Rolls

War Room updates the legal battles surrounding the Maricopa County election audit. Boris Epshteyn says even if the new judge in the case grants a temporary restraining order it will be temporary — and the audit will go on. But so will the attacks from the media and the left.

“Gird yourself here,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “This is only going to get tougher.”

China braced for population fall

Uniparty Hits the Mute Button

Stephen K. Bannon explains how Joe Biden’s so-called American Families Plan is cultural Marxism with a $1.9 trillion check.

Boris Epshteyn reveals how Cobb County officials in Georgia are so desperate to hide election fraud, they’re hitting the mute button on anyone who asks.

The Jan. 6 Lie

Raheem Kassam reveals new emails that destroy Big Media’s narrative on Jan. 6. Capitol authorities had full warning at least 24 hours before the riot, and yet did nothing to secure the capitol.

Meanwhile, President Trump was asking for 10,000 National Guard troops. Who made the order to stand down?

NEW: Capitol Authorities Had Advance Warning Of Jan 6th Riot, But Refused To Act On Intelligence

An Attack on the U.S. Dollar

Bannon rips “clueless” Joe Scarborough and gives Morning Joe a news flash: the $10+ trillion spending spree is not just going to affect your grand kids. It’s going to hit you.

“You’re destroying the U.S. dollar,” he said. “You’re going to destroy the ability for us to be the reserve currency. When that goes away your life is going to be changed dramatically in the moment.”

“It’s not just for future generations it’s now,” Bannon said.

Who is he going to get in trouble with? Biden is not in charge


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