Election officials in Cobb County, Georgia are literally silencing anyone who questions their actions surrounding the Nov. 3 election, by muting dissenters on virtual calls.

Boris Epshteyn told War Room the movement for full forensic audits is coming to Georgia, and elections officials are worried.

Officials are falsely claiming Cobb County did a full signature verification audit of the Nov. 3 election, any time someone raises that fact they are muted.

“Any time folks are alleging that the board did not do the right thing they’re being silenced — literally muted on the Zoom call in Cobb County,” Epshteyn said.

Epshteyn said this is not a right or left issue, but the uniparty trying to hide the truth about Nov. 3.

“Don’t forget the Maricopa county board of elections is 4 to 1 Republican,” Epshteyn said of the Arizona audit battle. “This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This is about the uniparty versus the MAGA movement.”

But they will need more than a mute button to stop the MAGA movement, Epshteyn said.

“Our people are standing up and demanding answers,” he said. “And you better believe it these officials in Cobb County who are saying, ‘Oh we’ll press the mute button and maybe the MAGA movement will go away,’ They’re wrong.”

“This only gives us more fire in the belly,” Epshteyn said. “You want to silence us? Well, how about this? F U.”

“We’re not going to back down because some election button pusher wants to mute us,” he added. “The elites in this country have been pushing the mute button on the rest of America for way too long.”


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